Born in Paris in 1991, Anysia lives and works between London and Paris since 2015. From abstract painting to automatic drawing and special projects in experimental video, fashion, design or even lifestyle, her work is kaleidoscopic with a high interest for alternative and experimental forms of representation. With a double background in Literature, Art History, Image / Cinema and a strong experience in fashion working for luxury names, her eclectic spirit, paradoxal and definitely creative propels her work between philosophical studies, avant-garde concepts and multiple interests among beauty and aesthetic rupture. 


Influenced by greatest Romantic figures, Surrealism and Modern & Abstract Art theorists as Kandinsky or Klee, Anysia conducts the work of colour, paradox, duality and form. 

"My work aims to destroy the form. Rupture, failure or blur propel the spectator in a psychic scene where visual and inner experiences deploy a reconstruction of figurative images, as reminiscences. My inspiration goes from Rorschach, to André Breton and Baudelaire but also philosophy and human nature. I am interested in experimental and vibrant forms of representation as automatic writing and subconscious expression. Each piece hides a psychological aspect and a captivating duality. My creative process is both thoughtful and arbitrary, between regularity and instability, depth and surface; balanced with meaningful colours, intention and spontaneity."


London, UK

Tate Modern, Underdog Gallery, SecretCape London, Candid Arts Trust, By Other Means, Launch 22, Black & White Building, 5th Base Gallery, The Crypt Gallery, Oxo Tower, Arebyte Gallery, Menier Gallery


Ground Floor Gallery (New-York), James Oliver Gallery (Philadelphia)

Paris, France

Batofar, Bloc Café


Vogue UK, London Post, Yoko Magazine, The Rakish Gent, Minsu Manor, Peripheral ArtSeries, Wotisart Magazine, Average Art Magazine, A5 Magazine, Le Bonbon, Secret Parisien, Nouvel Obs

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